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Xolo X1000 Launched in India

Xolo X1000 Launched in India

XOLO X1000 has launched In India with a 2GHz Intel CPU For $369, along with a PowerVR SGX540 clocked at 400 MHz. This low-priced smartphone features very high-end specs with a 2GHz Intel Atom processor and 1GB of RAM.

It has a 4.7 inch 1280x720p display, which has a 314 pixel per inch density along with Sharp TFT transmissive LCD. On the back of the device is an 8mp camera with LED light and 1080p full HD recording, and a 1.3 MP front facing camera. Xolo X1000 also boasts of 10bursts at 15fps, with several shooting modes.

The Memory of the Xolo X1000 is 8GB and it has 1GB of RAM, making it limited when compared to several other devices presently in the market. Xolo is really pushing the speed capabilities of the device pegging it against devices like Galaxy Note 2, One X+ and even the recently launched Galaxy Grand, Putting the X1000 at twice the speed in benchmarks like Linpac.

The Xolo X1000 also is running Android 4.0.4 ICS and the development for the Jelly Bean Update is going on, and will be available next quarter.

If you’re located in India and would like to purchase an XOLO X1000 for yourself, you can order one now via FlipKart for Rs. 19999. If you order your X1000 and will go on sale in the retail market starting March 21st, expect it to arrive in 7-8 days. Hope you a good luck!

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