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Why People Like to Copy DVD to MPEG Format?

Why People Like to Copy DVD to MPEG Format?

Do you know why people like to copy DVD to MPEG format? Here, I`d like to share some suggestions from web:

Fisrt, two simple reason:
1: They simply want the convenience of the DVD being files on the computer or other device, rather than having to deal with the actual discs each time.
2: They are pirating borrowed or rental DVDs.

Then, Other reasons:
MPEG-2 is widely used as the format of digital television signals that are broadcast by terrestrial (over-the-air), cable, and direct broadcast satellite TV systems. It also specifies the format of movies and other programs that are distributed on DVD and similar discs.

MPEG-2 is the core of most digital television and DVD formats, it does not completely specify them. Regional institutions can adapt it to their needs by restricting and augmenting aspects of the standard.

MPEG-2 was the second of several standards developed by the Moving Pictures Expert Group (MPEG) and is an international standard (ISO/IEC 13818). Parts 1 and 2 of MPEG-2 were developed in a joint collaborative team with ITU-T, and they have a respective catalog number in the ITU-T Recommendation Series.

MPEG-2 is international the standard for compressing video signals; it is widely used in digital television broadcasting, DVD discs, and mobile videophony. Using these standards, video can be compressed in an encoder before transmission or storage, perhaps to 1/50 of the original size, and then decompressed in a decoder for playback.

Now, You can convert DVD to MPEG-2 or Copy DVD on Mac os mountain Lion.

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