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What is Adobe Premiere ?

What is Adobe Premiere ?

Adobe Premiere is a timeline-based video editing software application that is suitable for both amateur enthusiasts and professionals. Nowadays, the most popular are: Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, Premiere Pro CS5, Premiere Pro CS6, Premiere Elements 4, Premiere Elements 7.0, Premiere Elements 8.0 and Premiere Elements 9.0, Premiere Elements 10.0 and Adobe Premiere Elements 11.0

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Key features of Premiere
Add effects, filters, titles, etc; Import video, audio and graphics in a wide variety of formats; Edit, manipulate and arrange these elements in a visual timeline; Export your edited video in a variety of formats, including video tape recordings, DV, DVD, and common Internet video formats.

Advantage of Premiere
Premiere is a powerful editing tool, capable of producing broadcast-quality and high-definition video. It is a very popular package amongst video enthusiasts and professionals, although other packages are usually preferred for the very top level of television production.

Disadvantage of Premiere
The built-in title maker is fine for most titles but is not particularly advanced. Premiere has some good audio mixing and effects features, but serious sound editing will need a specialist sound application. The range of transitions and special effects is adequate but professionals are likely to want to purchase more from third party suppliers. Some features are absent by design, encouraging you to purchase separate Adobe products such as After Effects (special effects) or Audition (audio).

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