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Compare with Nokia Lumia 1020, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4

Today, Nokia took the wraps off its Lumia 1020 during a press conference in New York. Available on July 26 on AT&T for $299.99, the handset boasts a powerful, 41-megapixel camera that’s packed with features. Nokia’s latest Lumia has a … Continue reading

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Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 Eat up Slowly the iPhone?

“Apple is not the one leading the market,” “I wouldn’t be surprised if the new Samsung device sells more than the new Apple device over the next two years.”–Francisco Jeronimo from analysis firm IDC Will Samsung Galaxy S exceed iPhone? … Continue reading

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iPhone 5 sold over 2 million in China first week

iPhone 5 launched in China last Friday, Dec. 14. Apple’s latest smartphones will be available in more than 100 countries by the end of December, making it the fastest iPhone rollout ever. The company announced Sunday that sales of the … Continue reading

Difference between a iPhone 5 and iPod Touch

“I wanner to get a iPod Touch or iPhone 5 for Christmas, but what is the difference between iPhone 5 and iPod Touch?” Answer for Web: 1:u cannot play songs in loudspeaker in ipod also iphone 5 has wider screen … Continue reading

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Top Free iPhone Apps

In this Blog, I`d like to share some top Free iPhone Apps for you. Of course, they are all my favorites. 1. Angry Birds Star Wars 2. TETRIS (Electronic Arts) 3. Minecraft — Pocket Edition (Mojang) 4. WhatsApp Messenger (WhatsApp … Continue reading


Samsung ATIV Odyssey Was Seen On Twitter

News: An alleged photo of the Samsung ATIV Odyssey handset for the carrier’s network appeared on Twitter Monday morning.

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iPhone 5 swipe glitch threatens Fruit Ninjas

The iPhone 5 and fifth-gen iPod don’t seem to be able to handle rapid diagonal swiping, and the glitch could be in the hardware. The diagonal swiping glitch only shows up on the iPhone 5, not the iPhone 4S.

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