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Top 5 Necessities Free Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins

Top 5 Necessities Free Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most famous desktop email clients from Microsoft, which available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. It allows you to read emails, schedule appointments, take notes, manage your contacts all from the confines of your desktop.

Xobni plugs into Microsoft Outlook and offers fast search and people-based navigation of email archives. If you have been using Outlook for quite some time you may be stuck with tons and tons of emails which may be difficult to find when you want. Xobni is a Outlook plug-in that helps you organize you emails and quickens your search for email and attachments.

Key Features:
Email Analytics.
Lightning fast email search.
Quick attachment discovery.
Navigate your inbox by people. Blog
Easily schedule appointments with your contacts.
Some anti-virus software flagged Xobni as malware
Extracts Phone numbers from emails and associates it with contacts.

Taglocity is a Outlook 2003/2007 plug in which gives the same idea is tags on blog but to email. Taglocity allows you to add in the much needed feature of tagging emails, tasks, contacts and calendar entries. Now this isn’t really anything special for Outlook as you can get basically this same ability with flags in Outlook.

Tags as most of you must know by now make your life much more easier with finding content and Taglocity adds that missing touch to Microsoft Outlook. Read more in our review of Taglocity.

Live Search Maps
Live Search Maps lets people easily find, discover, plan and share relevant local information that is important to them on the Web, including maps and directions, local search, and engaging bird’s-eye, 3-D and aerial imagery. The Live Search Maps add-in shows you directions and travel times to your destinations all within the comfort of Outlook.

OutSync is a free Windows desktop application that will automatically sync photos of your friends from your Facebook account with those present in your Outlook contact list. OutSync is compatible with Windows XP and newer (Vista, Win7, Server 2008), and Outlook 2003 or newer.

The main benefit of OutSync is for users who sync their smartphones with Exchange or Outlook. Updated
contacts are copied to your iPhone/Windows Mobile/Android/BlackBerry devices, and their photos appear
during phone calls.

FBLook or Facebook for Outlook allows you to easily update your Facebook status from within Outlook. It also allows you to set the status to the song you are currently playing on Windows Media Player or iTunes. Read our review of

That`s all about the Free Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins, what is your idea?


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