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Samsung ATIV Odyssey Was Seen On Twitter

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Was Seen On Twitter

News: An alleged photo of the Samsung ATIV Odyssey handset for the carrier’s network appeared on Twitter Monday morning.

The Ativ S is a massive device, sporting a 7.8-inch display. Judging from the pictures leaked by @evleaks (a Twitter account), the Ativ Odyssey looks smaller, suggesting that it will be a more wallet-friendly device.

Microsoft revealed the handset at its Windows Phone 8 launch event last month, but kept the device’s appearance a secret. Twitter account Evleaks has posted what could be the very first image of Microsoft and Samsung`s new smartphone.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system with its signature tiled interface is showcased in the alleged photo, illustrating what appears to be a home screen with news apps and games in addition to cal and messaging functions.

The Samsung ATIV Odyssey is set to hit store shelves in December for Verizon users, and will boast support for its 4G network, as the image indicates.

There is not much else to tell from the reportedly leaked photo, but it seems to have a similar appearance to Samsung’s ATIV S handset.

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