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iPad Mini VS iPod Touch

iPad Mini VS iPod Touch

The iPad Mini is a tempting proposition of Apple New product, but starting at $329, it certainly isn’t an impulse buy. To be honest, it’s downright exorbitantly expensive, and that’s not even when stacked up against the Android competition. For instance Apple’s own iPod Touch costs $299 for its base model, which offers twice the storage and can tackle practically anything the Mini can.

Both devices have the same Apple A5 chip, but it’s clocked a bit higher in the iPad mini. Performance shouldn’t drastically differ, but the iPad mini might have a slight edge. Unless iOS developers start pushing the envelope, though, neither device will struggle with anything in the App Store.


As “mini” as the iPad mini is, it’s still much larger than the iPod touch. About the only thing their dimensions have in common is that they’re both ridiculously thin. The iPod touch is one of the thinnest mobile devices ever made, but the iPad mini isn’t far behind.

Both devices tote 512 MB of RAM, so this is another area where performance should be roughly even.

If you want cellular data, then your only choice is the iPad mini. The only caveat is that you’ll add another $130 to the corresponding Wi-Fi only model; that price nearly matches the Wi-Fi only full-sized iPad.


Apple lists slightly different usage estimates for the two devices, so it isn’t the best comparison. If web usage and video playing are roughly the same (they may not be), then the iPad mini should outlast the touch by about two hours.

Let`s See some Reviews from the Web:
“OK, I can already hear the groans of disapproval, so let me confess that I support the idea of a small-format 5-, 7-, or even 8-inch tablet. I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 regularly, plus I took the Samsung Galaxy Note for a spin without too much drama. I’m also excited about the Galaxy Note 2, especially for T-Mobile, which hasn’t had a lot of powerful devices to offer for quite some time.”

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