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How to Free Play and Edit MOD/MOI Video?

How to Free Play and Edit MOD/MOI Video?

What is MOI?
MOI File created by digital camcorders to store information about a .MOD MPEG-2 video recording; contains data such as version, date, duration, codec, and bitrate; used by a range of video recorders, including the JVC Everio series, the Canon FS100, and some Panasonic camcorders.

Conversion Software
MOI Converter and MOD Converter allows you to convert Canon, Panasonic or JVC MOI/MOD files to MP4, MOV, MPEG, MPG, DV, M4V, FLV, etc on Mac Lion or Mountain Lion 10.8 or 10.9 Mavericks. Then you can edit, play or share MOI/MOD video files with ease.

MOI Files
The MOI file is an index file containing time and date information pertaining to the contents of the associated MOD file. It does not contain any actual video images.

MOD Files
Several camcorders, including those made by Canon, Panasonic and JVC, store video imagery in the form of MOD files. The MOD file format conforms to the MPEG-2 standard.

Renaming MOD Files
Because MOD files use the same formatting features as MPEG files, you can try renaming the MOD file to a MPG file. In other words, if your original video files consisted of xxx.MOI and xxx MOD, rename xxx.MOD to xxx.MPG and ignore the MOI file. Most playback and editing software will be able to use the resulting MPG file.

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