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How can I convert .veg into .avi files?

How can I convert .veg into .avi files?

“I downloaded Sony Vegas Pro 8 (free trial) and i made a movie from pictures and all that stuff. I finished it now, but i don’t know how to convert it into a .avi file. Please help…. I have just 3 days left from the trial.. X_x “

The .veg file is the Sony Vegas file, it’s not a movie file. It’s almost like the ‘.veg’ is the recipe for the ‘.avi’, if you understand. What you have done is just gone to ‘File > Save’ in Sony Vegas, but you should have gone to ‘File > Render as’. You need to do something called ‘rendering’ to save the film as a movie (.avi or whatever you want) and not a .veg file.

Instructions:Converting the .veg file into an .avi video
1:Open Sony Vegas, and load the .veg file into the program.
2:Open the File menu, and select “Render As”.
3:Select the destination folder where you want the completed video to be saved.
4:Enter the desired file name in the “Save As” field.
5:Select “AVI” from the “Save as Type” field.
6:Click “Save” to begin rendering the video.

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