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Free Join Flash Video to iPad

Free Join Flash Video to iPad

I want to convert Flash video format (.flv) to .mp4 so I can watch them on my iPad. I needed to find a way to merge several episodes into large movies. This is where Squared 5′s MPEG StreamClip for Mac comes in handy which can help me convert flash flv video formats to .mp4, it also allows you to merge multiple .mp4 videos for ipad.

1:Launch MPEG StreamClip
2:Drag n’ drop multiple .mp4 videos to the blue dots. The videos are merged in the order they’re dropped onto the application. Usually, my videos have a number prefix like 01.mp4, 02.mp4, 03.mp4 so I’m able to drop them in that order all at once.
3:Go to File -> Save as and select a target name for your merged movie and the type MP4
4:Import the converted mp4 files to iTunes, then sync to iPad.

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