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‘Facebook Phone’ is Availabled to AT&T Customers

‘Facebook Phone’ is Availabled to AT&T Customers

HTC partnered with Facebook and AT&T to design the HTC First, the only product on the market with “Facebook Home.” Customers could get their hands on the phone for the first time on Friday, many coming out to the AT&T on Emily Drive.

According to Pride, “you don’t even have to open up the phone, as long as the power’s turned on, you’ve got your news feed, you’ve got your messages, status updates, and everything right on the home screen, so you don’t even have to open up your phone, it’s right on the home screen.”

AT&T has priced the HTC First at $99.99 for customers who sign a new contract.Store manager Dawn Pride said the phone is exclusive to AT&T customers and is perfect for the Facebook enthusiast.

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