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Edit the Split Screen Effect in Final Cut

Edit the Split Screen Effect in Final Cut

1:Run Final Cut,load up your clips to the project.
2:Then simply stick your base clip on track one and your overlay clip on track two, or anywhere above your base clip. Before we move on we need to make sure you have a particular setting set up the right way.
3:Above the Canvas window, your output window, there’s a drop down menu with what looks like an unfinished box on it. Click that and make sure “Image + Wireframe” is selected.
4:Click on your clips in the canvas and move them and scale them without have to punch numbers into the next menu.
5:This is where your options open up like flood gates. Double click the overlay clip on the timeline.
6:You can scale and move your clip from here, but you can also rotate, distort and most importantly crop your clip.

Notes: MTS to Final Cut Pro

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