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Difference between a iPhone 5 and iPod Touch

Difference between a iPhone 5 and iPod Touch

“I wanner to get a iPod Touch or iPhone 5 for Christmas, but what is the difference between iPhone 5 and iPod Touch?”

Answer for Web:

1:u cannot play songs in loudspeaker in ipod also iphone 5 has wider screen to watch vids. But iphone = telephone + music player + mainstream .
While ipod = music player + oldfashioned.

2:There is one difference the iphone is a phone you can go on the internet and call from anywhere. the ipod is not a phone you need wifi to be able to call or text
the ipod is cheeper

3:Basically, the only difference between an iPhone and an iPod Touch is that the iPhone also can make phone calls and do texting. In all other respects they are pretty much the same. So to answer your question, yes an iPhone will let you listen to music, and watch videos, exactly the same way as an iPod Touch.

4:Both devices let you listen to music. “Pearls before swine” is mostly right, except for the fact that now they have added an instant messaging service that is free for the iPod touch and iPhone, as long as the person you are texting has an iPod touch or iPhone with an apple ID set up.

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