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Apple Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks Released!

Apple Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks Released!

On WWDC 2013, Apple announced the next version of Mac OS X-10.9 Mavericks. Mac OS X 10.9 brings more iOS features,including iBooks, Apple Maps, Finder Tabs, and a number of other time-saving enhancements.

As one of the features brought over from iOS devices, iBooks is pretty close to its mobile counterpart. You’ll now be able to read and shop for books on your Mac and sync them to iCloud so you can switch devices and never lose your place. You also can swipe to turn pages, pinch to zoom into pictures, and scroll smoothly from page to page.

Apple Maps
Now, you’ll also be able to use Apple Maps on your Mac then sync to your other devices. This will be especially useful for finding directions at home, then quickly syncing to your iPhone for turn-by-turn directions when you hit the road. Apple Maps is built into Mail, Contacts, and the Calendar app, too so anytime you see an address you can quickly find it on a map as well.

Finder Tabs
The new Finder Tabs work much in the same way they do in Safari. A plus sign button on the right lets you open a new tab, and you can drag and drop tabs just like in a Web browser. You could have one tab for AirDrop and another for documents then drag-and-drop files between each.

Full-screen apps
Full-screen apps were unveiled originally in Lion, but users quickly realized the feature wasn’t perfect, especially if you use multiple monitors. Fortunately with Mavericks, the feature now works the way it should. You can now put full-screen apps on multiple monitors and switch among them effortlessly.

According to Apple, Safari now uses less GPU, less energy, and is faster than ever before. Apple says new Nitro Tiered JIT and Fast Start technologies in Safari mean Web pages feel snappier and the app doesn’t waste power on Web pages and plug-ins that might churn continuously in the background. We like the sound of that, but will have to wait and see if it really makes a difference when we get some hands-on time.

The Calendar app got a fresh new look in Mavericks, adding Facebook integration to show Facebook events along with an Event Inspector that lets you get more information about a party, meeting, or location.

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