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$199, 12GB, PlayStation 3 Coming to North America Aug 18

$199, 12GB, PlayStation 3 Coming to North America Aug 18

News: cheaper, 12GB PlayStation 3 hardware coming to North America! Sony already sells this budget version in Europe and now it`s coming to the new world. The unit is a variant of the PS3′s third-generation “Super Slim” revision, which is lighter and consumes less power than previous hardware models.

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As Engadget reports, the new PS3 model has been spotted in a Kmart stockroom in the United States with a display date of August 18 and a now-deleted listing at Future Shop in Canada pegged the unit’s price at $199.99. The PS3′s current 250 GB Super Slim model retails at $269.99.

“A stripped-down, budget-priced revision for Sony’s PlayStation 3 console is on its way to store shelves in North America”– Engadget reports.

Given that many retail PlayStation 3 games require large data installations upon boot up, the new PS3 model’s 12 gigabytes of storage space may prove inadequate for large game libraries.

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